Summer, the season that never fails to surprise, excite and instill in us a certain need for adventure. This year, in fact, the desire to discover the wonders of Italy was stronger than ever.

And it is precisely in this circumstance that We, MILITEM, have made available one of our FERŌX, to be the protagonist of an “on the road” trip entirely Made in Italy. At the helm, the artist, photographer and video-maker Jonathan Revelo Padilla, aka @sajinpark, very good at driving and immortalizing FEROX in its natural habitat, Italy. The result? Photographs and video clips in which breathtaking landscapes blend with the refinement of details and over time are torn apart by the bold and unique design of each MILITEM.

Rome, the eternal city

First stop: the beating heart of the so called “Bel Paese”.

What to say? Rome is art, culture, architecture but above all history.

Rich in works and monuments, Rome lends itself perfectly to re-create captivating plots in which it is still possible to live the myth of the Dolce Vita, revisited in a modern way.

Its charm perfectly represents the background on which to introduce the FEROX, an element that fits perfectly into the Roman “urban jungle” and amazes with its geometries, materials and colors.

Naples: the hymn to feelings

Naples is not a city; it is a feeling.

This is the message engraved on a small marble plaque in front of a deconsecrated church in the city center.

In fact, in Naples, the diversity, the pride and the art of Italian cuisine and culture come to life and tell a surprising story, full of love for one’s roots.

In Naples, emotions blend with elements of the city and an omni-sensorial experience could be lived at every corner or street, obviously, in Italian and MILITEM style.

Amalfi Coast: a road suspended over the magical

“The Amalfi coast is a place of dream that doesn’t look real” (Alberto Moravia)

What could be the better way to continue a perfect journey than move forward the endless and colorful landscapes of the Amalfi Coast?

Unique in its kind and with a serpentine shape, Amalfi coast is rich in natural beauty and dotted with small villages that follow one another on the coast, creating a truly unique and picturesque picture. It is important to underline that it has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Not to mention Positano, panoramic and refined, where it is worth getting lost in the alleys of the lower town. In Positano it is possible to discover the taste and quality of colored ceramics, the beauty of the large terraces full of flowers and the ancient stately homes.

Cilento: a land that smells of myth

Listed as one of the most beautiful areas of Campania region, Cilento was the third to last stop of the #ItalianSummer signed by MILITEM.

Agropoli, considered the “door of Cilento” and characterized by a crazy variety of landscapes, is the village known for being a seaside resort of excellences able to offer truly suggestive views.

Acciaroli follows, an icon of style and culture, which is remembered for the numerous stays of Ernest Hemingway and represents a bridge between the past and the present of Italian culture.

Beaches, caves and archaeological sites lend their colors to create a picture that best interprets the complex and multifaceted world of Italy.

A world in which the car finds its own space, not only as an accessory but also as a complementary part of the man.

Val d’Orcia: breathtaking landscapes

A fundamental stage of the journey is the Tuscan rural landscape, unique of its kind.

At sunset time, green hills and vineyards almost touch each other and give life to an unparalleled, sensual panorama, able to stimulate an incomparable sense of freedom.

Rows of cypresses and villages carved over time blend with the hills and red earth of the Val d’Orcia, to create fairytale landscapes.

Landscapes that perfectly match with the natural predisposition of FEROX to dominate the scene.

Rome: where your heart takes you

To conclude, again Rome, too much beautiful not to make a last pit stop before climbing up to the MILITEM headquarters in Monza.

It is precisely here that our #ItalianSummer ends, made up of timeless traditions, unique flavors of their kind, so beautiful enchanting places and landscapes that leave the viewer or in this case the reader the memory of having lived a dream.

A dream and the pride of a completely Italian Summer.