Summer is the season that never fails to surprise, excite and instill in us a certain need for adventure. This year, in fact, the desire to discover the wonders of Italy was stronger than ever.

This is why we, MILITEM, supplied one of our FERŌX models for an ‘on the road’ trip around Italy. At the wheel was artist, photographer and video-maker Jonathan Revelo Padilla, aka @sajinpark. He is a skilled driver and immortalized FERŌX in its natural habitat: Italy. The result? Photographs and video clips in which breathtaking landscapes blend with refined details. Over time, these are torn apart by MILITEM’s bold and unique design.

Rome, the eternal city

First stop: the beating heart of the so-called ‘Bel Paese’.

What is there to say? Rome is art, culture and architecture but, above all, history.

Rich in works and monuments, Rome lends itself perfectly to re-creating captivating plots in which it is still possible to live the myth of the Dolce Vita, with a modern twist.

Its charm is the stage on which FEROX is introduced, an element that fits perfectly into the Roman ‘urban jungle’ and amazes with its geometries, materials and colors.

Naples, the hymn to feelings

Naples is not a city; it is a feeling.

This is the message engraved on a small marble plaque outside of a deconsecrated church in the city center.

In fact, in Naples, the diversity, pride and the art of Italian cuisine and culture burst into life to tell a surprising story, full of love for one’s roots.

In Naples, emotions blend with elements of the city. Here, all-encompassing experiences can be lived on every street corner, obviously in true Italian and MILITEM style.

Amalfi Coast, a stunning coastal road

“The Amalfi coast is a dreamy place that doesn’t look real” (Alberto Moravia)

What better way to continue the perfect journey than the flowing, picturesque Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi coast is simply stunning. A winding road hugs the coast, passing through a series of quaint villages along the way. The setting is unique, so much so that it has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One such village is Positano. Panoramic and refined, it is worth spending time exploring its tight alleyways. In Positano, you can admire high-quality colored ceramics, the beauty of terraces adorned with flowers and ancient stately homes.

Cilento, a mythical land

Listed as one of the most beautiful areas in Campania, Cilento is the next stop on the #ItalianSummer signed by MILITEM tour.

Agropoli is considered the ‘door to Cilento’. It boasts a vast variety of landscapes in a coastal resort offering amazing views.

Acciaroli is up next. It is an icon of style and culture recalled for Ernest Hemingway’s many visits and for representing a bridge between the past and present of Italian culture.

The colors of beaches, caves and archaeological sites combine to create a picture that best interprets the complex and multifaceted world of Italy.

A world in which the car finds its own space, not only as an accessory but also as a complementary part of the owner.

Val d’Orcia, breathtaking landscapes

A fundamental stage of any tour of Italy is the rolling hills of Tuscany.

At sunset, green hills and vineyards merge, producing a vivid panorama that stimulates the mind to wander. Freedom and escape are on offer here.

Rows of cypresses and villages perfected through the ages blend with the hills and red earth of the Val d’Orcia to create fairytale landscapes.

This setting is the backdrop for the FEROX to enter the scene.

Rome, where your heart takes you

To conclude, we are again in Rome. The Eternal City is much too beautiful not to visit a second time before heading north to the MILITEM headquarters in Monza.

It is here that our #ItalianSummer ends. We have been on a journey through age-old traditions, sampled an array of flavors, and taken in such stunning scenery that it all seems like a dream.
A dream and the pride of an all-Italian summer.