EUVExtreme Utility Vehicle.

Power & Sound.

MILITEM FERŌX 500 gives life to a new category, the EUV: Extreme Utility Vehicle. The EUV is characterized by the utmost power and versatility. The new FERŌX 500 represents the sportiest expression of the entire MILITEM line-up and is built from the great Jeep® Wrangler® Rubicon 392.

MILITEM FEROX 500 is a real supercar, with over 481 horsepower and 637 Nm of torque at 4.300 rpm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds!

MILITEM FERŌX 500 guarantees sparkling performance, both on road and off, providing unforgettable behind the wheel thrills.

There are two tire types on offer – Sport 325/50 R22 and All-Terrain 35×12.5/R22 – or All-Terrain 35×12.5/R20 to ensure comfort and grip whatever the conditions thrown at the car.

The all-new FERŌX 500 wheels have been designed for driving without limits. Created exclusively for this vehicle, they employ innovative Hybrid Forged technology to bring lightness and resistance. The MILITEM rim has been renewed for the first time and enriched in a Satin Black tone.

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The adjustable Performance Shocks have been entirely re-engineered by MILITEM for this new model with double tanks and a carbon fiber coating.

The FERŌX 500 is equipped with the all-new MILITEM Black Performance Dual Mode exhaust system, with four Black Matt pipes that can be activated electronically by the driver. The system offers an exclusive feeling of power and a sound perfectly suited to this Extreme Utility Vehicle.

The braking system is all-new and engineered by MILITEM exclusively for the FERŌX 500 in collaboration with Powerbrake®, a world leader in the production of high-performance brakes.

A new look. Strength and power combined in MILITEM style.

FERŌX 500 presents a refreshed look that highlights its aggressive soul and close supercar links. The distinctive ‘wide body’ exterior has been maintained but has been tweaked with elements dedicated specifically to this model.

For the first time on the FERŌX range, the spare wheel and the air scoops on the tailgate have gone. The whole structure has been completely re-engineered, and now the cabin air flows outside through the rear tailights.

Front on, the abundant use of carbon fiber is clear. The brand-new grille also stands out with its two-tone hexagon pattern.

The cabin, a handcrafted Italian masterpiece

The interior of the MILITEM FERŌX 500 is a celebration of Italian art and craftsmanship. The aggressive bodyshape contrasts with the cool and refined cabin, a space that satisfies even the most demanding MILITEM client.

Every detail has been designed by MILITEM and has been hand-finished with care using the finest materials. There is extensive use of supple nappa leather and ALCANTARA®. The coating trims the dashboard, instrument cluster, steering wheel, gear handle and the entire cabin. To enrich the wide customer choice is the carbon package with gloss finishing to the handles, steering wheel and console inserts.

Racing profile seats make their first appearance here. Delivering a new driving experience, they help the driver to be at one with the car. The FERŌX 500 gives the driver maximum control at all times.

The new MILITEM FERŌX 500 steering wheel sports track touches. The flattened top and bottom crown edges are in carbon fiber with gloss finishing for a true supercar look.

MILITEM FERŌX 500 comes with a hardtop as standard. It is split into three sections for easy removal. Clients who want an even more engaging experience can opt for the soft top with automatic opening. This option guarantees visibility and real droptop vibes.



Jeep® Wrangler® Rubicon® 392


6.5L V8


481 CV 637 Nm


Gasoline Euro 6


Automatic 8 gears Torque Flite





Fuel Consumption (l/100 km): 16,5
CO2 emssions [while riding]: 357 g. Approved values based on WLTP mixed cycle.
Energy efficiency: G

MILITEM for you

Purchasing a MILITEM is an all-encompassing experience from any perspective. High performance, exciting looks and exclusive services make each drive a memorable one.

Servizio di assistenza MILITEM


As the owner of a MILITEM, you expect only the best in terms of assistance and cover. This is why your new MILITEM is covered by a 36-month or 100,000 km European warranty (whichever comes first) that can be extended to 72 months and unlimited kilometers.

Servizio di assistenza MILITEM

Roadside assistance

‘Yes We Help’ is the innovative system of remote assistance that allows you to travel throughout Europe stress-free. The remote assistance system is free for the first 12 months. For more details, contact your MILITEM assistance partner.

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