Every changing is a new beginning. With the new exclusive MILITEM pick-up, everything will be more exciting.

MILITEM FERŌX-T represents the pick-up truck evolution. Jeep Gladiator Rubicon was born from the Wrangler formula, with an incomparable all-terrain capability, high functionality, safety and flexibility.
MILITEM FERŌX-T has an original and inimitable design with strong body lines, hand-crafted interiors and bespoke accents, with particular attention to strength and unique performances.
A great innovation for the European pick-up market is the 3.6L V6 engine with 285 HP and 353 Nm of torque.

Call it commercial truck: pick-up future is today.

Strong, Cutting-age and Charismatic, that’s how we want to define our latest creation. Gladiator DNA here is expressed under a new body. Engineers and designers from our Factory have developed its evolution, in terms of both performance and style.
MILITEM FERŌX-T is no more a Jeep, it is a tactical vehicle able to overcome limits that for most 4x4s are impossible.
Much of the merit goes to the new MILITEM suspension system, developed for matching the new design. Made of aluminum and coated in carbon fiber, they are adjustable to meet every needs.
The dumping frequency of the shock absorbers has been adapted specifically for the higher ground clearance resulting from the MILITEM Lift-Kit 2″. In addition, thanks to the standard 4×4 Rock-Trac, the driver can choose different driving and traction modes of the four-wheel drive system.

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MILITEM for you

By purchasing a MILITEM, you access exclusive services that will always be by your side, kilometre after kilometre, wherever you go

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Interiors. Handmade masterpieces: Welcome Comfort and Luxury

We can find the true MILITEM soul in this unconventional mix between massive exterior and bespoke interior. Its functionality never disrupts the taste for material and accent refinements, which characterize each MILITEM model. Cruising becomes an immersive experience of pleasure with real Italian leather hand-stretched seats and Alcantara inserts, upon request. Every MILITEM customer have the chance to customize interiors of the vehicle thanks to a wide range of leathers, fabrics, denim and technical fibers.

Finally, interior accents in full black, gives a luxurious yet sporty touch to the entire cabin.

With MILITEM FERŌX-T we introduced, for the first time, the rack coverage in marine hi-tech material, customizable in colors.

Whatever your destination, reach it without compromise.

As Safe, Stable, Determined in the driving as in the character. For an efficient handling on every ground and at every speed, MILITEM FERŌX-T exploits latest industry technologies and mounts 35 x 12.50 R20 All-terrain tires, adjustable Track Bars and a dedicated steering shock absorber. With FERŌX-T, we introduced the first ever FERŌX Bar, standard. Its design, made to host powered LED bars, goes beyond the functionality and redefine the the body shape of the vehicle. Darkness will never be an obstacle again.

From SUV to SUT: Trip will be your New Destination

MILITEM FERŌX-T presents so many upgrades to turn every journey into an immersive experience. Never get stopped. We reinvented the current SUV concept disrupting into SUT, or Sport Utility Truck. This is a vehicle suitable for every drive and usage kind, able to combine SUV and pick-up truck advantages in a single vehicle. Furthermore, our Made in Italy exhaust system, is enhanced with the optional Dual-Mode function to further emphasize the FERŌX-T dual soul.



Jeep Gladiator | RUBICON


3.6L V6


285 CV. 353 Nm


Euro 6D Petrol


Automatic 8 gears


All-wheel drive

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Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited | SAHARA | RUBICON


2.0L Turbo | 3.6L V6


272 CV, 400 Nm | 285 CV, 260 Nm

Militem Ferox


Benzina Euro 6D


Automatico 8 rapporti


Integrale a comando elettronico


FERŌX-T Jeep Gladiator Rubicon 4×4 3.6L V6 Pentastar 

Consume (l/100 km): 12,22
CO2 emissions [while riding]: 322 g. Approved values based on WLTP mixed cycle.
Energy efficiency: G


The difference is hidden in details

Our mission is to offer the best of Jeep and RAM range to those customers who wants more. MILITEM is not only a vehicle, but it is a travel mate that constantly guarantees you Safety, Performance and Style. Every upgrade has been developed to turn every journey into a destination. Every MILITEM has unique details, great endurance capabilities and unmistakable quality. Together with the launch of the MILITEM FERŌX-T we introduced the first ever Paddle-shift on the steering wheel. This is an absolute novelty for the Jeep brand.


MILITEM for you

Purchasing a MILITEM is an all-encompassing experience from any perspective. High performance, exciting design and exclusive services turn each drive into a memorable voyage.

Servizio di assistenza MILITEM


As the owner of a MILITEM, you expect only the best in terms of assistance and cover. This is why your new MILITEM is covered by a 36-month or 100,000 km European warranty (whichever comes first) that can be extended to 72 months and unlimited kilometres.

Servizio di assistenza MILITEM

Roadside assistance

Yes We Help is the innovative system of remote assistance that allows you to travel throughout Europe stress-free. The remote assistance system is free for the first 12 months. For more details, contact your MILITEM assistance Partner.

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