The MILITEM production facility has a very specific aim: to revolutionize the concept of the luxury 4×4. To do this, it applies Italian taste and craftsmanship to the spirit of the American offroader.


Why did MILITEM choose American 4×4s? The choice was made as they represent much more than a vehicle: they stand for a distinct philosophy based on character, authority and freedom. Built to overcome any obstacle, both on the road and in life, these offroaders are built to last. American 4x4s can scale any barriers and accept whatever challenge thrown is at them.

The history of the American off-road vehicle

MILITEM’s American DNA is rooted in history. When these cars stepped onto the stage, being able to drive off-road was fundamental as good quality roads were few and far between. The earliest true offroaders emerged in the 1930s with the advent of the vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive.

Fuoristrada americano anni '30

The second world war and the Jeep® Willis

The first practical applications were military: the 4×4 traction system was employed by the US Army during the second world war and the star of the show was the Jeep® Willis. This model laid the foundations for Jeep®’s success: solid, go-anywhere vehicles that were able to tackle any hurdle or tough terrain. The real boom happened at the end of the war when Jeep® begun a shift from military production to ‘civilian’ consumer production.


From a work tool to an icon of freedom

The trend had been set and was ready to take over the world. Drawing on its image and inspired by it was Land Rover, from England, and the Toyota Land Cruiser, from Japan. The range of models had similar traits: imposing size and muscular looks. They were constructed from tough materials and had the capability to take on all types of surface. The look informed the lifestyle: freedom without boundaries in a vehicle that was safe and reliable.

The shift from military use to a civilian recreational vehicle was complete. Range Rover became the producer of the most sumptuous European 4×4s, Jeep® Wagoneer the symbol of the American luxury 4×4 SUV and the Mercedes G-Class the first off-road vehicle to become a fashion icon.

Jeep off road

Off-road today

A lift kit, robust materials and high performance: these are the distinctive features of the typical off-road vehicle. This is the unmistakable mix of freedom and power that is at the heart of these models. The widespread appeal has now led to more compact models suited to city streets: the urban SUV.

One example is the Hummer, a vehicle originally developed for the US Army that was converted into a luxury urban SUV with amazing off-road capabilities. In the meantime, the pick-up has left behind its strictly working roots to become a symbol of the Stars and Stripes’ way of life.


How the pick-up was born

The history of the American pick-up has its roots in the early 1900s. At that time, there was a clear distinction between civilian vehicles designed to carry passengers and ‘commercial’ transport. Some drivers began adding a homemade box to the chassis of their vehicles: the first pick-up was created!

This idea went on to revolutionize America’s way of life. In the 1950s, sales of pick-ups really took off. These vehicles were used both for work and play and saw brands like Dodge®, Chevrolet and Ford become key players in the field.

From here, the transformation to iconic status was explosive: shiny chrome, big tires, high performance V8 engines and 4×4 traction made the American pick-up a true symbol of the USA throughout the world. The indisputable cult model is the RAM® pick-up.

Pick up al tramonto

MILITEM: American DNA, Italian style

This is why MILITEM boasts a uniquely American DNA: the heritage sought by clients wanting a luxury SUV able to astonish, kilometer after kilometer. MILITEM is for those looking for emotions never seen before on the road, in a unique 4×4. The exclusive models benefit from attentive factory engineering and Italian craftsmanship that transform each and every MILITEM into a triumph of luxury, performance and safety for those who are never satisfied, both behind the wheel and in life.

Militem Ferox

Unique luxury cars built around your desires.

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