New openings in Rome and Germany

Design at the centre of the brand’s success

Monza, 27 October 2022 The MILITEM brand continues its expansion in Italy and abroad with the addition of new dealerships in Rome and Germany. Following the inauguration of two resellers in Düsseldorf (Autohaus Ulmen) and Berlin (Autohaus Kramm), come two new outlets in Frankfurt. This latest dealership will be officially in operation from the beginning of next year as the new site is currently under construction. In Rome, the new partner for enthusiasts of the MILITEM brand is Guagliumi Cars, based in Piazza Pio XI n.67.   This important agreement has huge strategic potential for MILITEM products as the new dealer will become a point of reference in central-southern Italy, ahead of new openings in the rest of the country.


In parallel with developing its commercial network, MILITEM is also expanding its client offering: the FERŌX Plug-in Hybrid can now be ordered.

With engineering based on the Wrangler 4xe, it boasts a two-liter petrol turbo engine teamed with an electric motor. Overall power stands at 380 bhp and 637 Nm of torque that is on tap even at low revs.

The MILITEM range now includes three product lines (HERO, FERŌX, MAGNUM), available in different variants, finishes and engines.

FERŌX can be ordered as a short wheelbase 2-door and comes as the FERŌX-ADVENTURE, FERŌX500, and FERŌX Plug-in Hybrid. There are three pick-ups on offer: FERŌX-T, MAGNUM and MAGNUM ADVENTURE.

It is hard to find a niche brand with such a wide range!



MILITEM is the result of motoring passion and the technical training of highly-trained personnel who create extraordinary products. The models are high quality with distinct styling, innovation and performance that match their looks.

Faithful to the ‘American Tech-Italian Made’ claim, MILITEM bases its mechanics on standard US models. Each MILITEM vehicle is the perfect blend of American DNA and majestic Italian artisanship. MILITEM redefines iconic US models using timeless techniques, class and ‘Made in Italy’ taste. This results in exclusive models that occupy the highest rungs of the motoring ladder, one reserved to limited-edition luxury cars.

MILITEM has found its niche thanks to the originality of its models and their accessorization, both in terms of design and technical content. As for technology, the set-up of each and every MILITEM is completely reworked with the adoption of dedicated components that are designed and produced specifically. Other parts, like the brakes, rims and exhaust system are also developed by the brand. These are all components that tweak the cars’ looks as well as their dynamic handling.

MILITEM’s designers and engineers realized that, in order to develop the brand in a unique way, a radical approach was called for. The result? A fascinating, functional range that is fruit of the passion and technical and stylistic research aimed at building state-of-the-art products, incorporating the finest technology and only the best materials.

The in-depth changes made to the cars’ look and cabin is directed by MILITEM’s style center. Attentive modifications are made to the cars’ design, making each MILITEM unmistakable, partly thanks to elements that feature across the range, creating an inclusive ‘family feeling’.

Building a MILITEM car means examining the overall design, defining the details that will clearly distinguish the model’s look. Projects are supervised internally, with external designers collaborating when called for.

MILITEM’s style center redesigns each model, especially making changes to the front end. This involves the adoption of a body-colored grille (also available in carbon-fiber) with a honeycomb black design sporting the brand’s badge. Finishes come in gloss or opaque. ‘Wide body’ wheel arches are fitted, in carbon-fiber or paint, as do the muscular bumpers. MILITEM’s 20” or 22” alloy rims (depending on the model) feature a star design and the tires that equip the models are either all-terrain or off-road.

Even MILITEM’s sports exhaust, with two or four tailpipes, add to the cars’ allure. As well as optimizing performance, their stirring roar can be modified to suit the surroundings.

Other modifications are made to the headlights, the design and tint of the headlight profiling but also take in more evident changes like the removal of the spare wheel from the rear of the FERŌX500. The result is a cleaner, more captivating look.

Before settling on the final version of a new vehicle project, a range of designs is considered, particularly concerning the front end. From initial sketches, designers can track entire process.

In the ADVENTURE versions, MILITEM introduced style features like anti-scratch paint for the mudflaps, front and rear bumpers and black-edition wheel rims.


The models’ bodyshape may be athletic but MILITEM modifies the interior completely. Prestigious materials are used and changes are made with taste and typically Italian manufacturing excellence. Expert upholsterers work to trim the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels and even the luggage compartment. Each MILITEM is a hand-finished masterpiece: comfort and luxury abound inside. This is the unconventional mix of muscle car exterior and luxury interior that is all MILITEM.

The MILITEM range features finishes that can be shared for each product family. Clients can customize their car thanks to a vast range of leathers, technical fibers and Alcantara® to give the cabin a sportier, more exclusive poise with a range of colors and looks on offer. Stitching and embroidery are in contrasting colors, resulting in a sophisticated, elegant finish.

On the FERŌX, inserts in DENIM have been introduced for the first time.

MILITEM also offers optionals like luggage compartment lining and pick-up bed finishes in customizable colors. This is a direct reference to the nautical and yachting world as, with their towing capacity, MILITEM models are perfect for tendering and towing.

Depending on countless possibilities, MILITEM’s showroom becomes a genuine creative atelier.

To sum up, each MILITEM is:

  • Over 30 m² of natural leather (for the MAGNUM), worked by hand by a team of experts
  • 1000 meters of thread
  • 14 different leather color combinations
  • Over 200 hours of expert work, for technical and aesthetic upgrades
  • Over 1500 hours of prototype testing before it entered production

The original idea, research and development, prototypes, technical and mechanical production, leather upholstery, assembly, production quality control, end-of-production meetings and road-testing: this is what it takes to build each and every MILITEM!

All MILITEM models are covered by a European warranty for 36 months or 100.000 km.

MILITEM’s vehicles have European homologation and are subject to German TÜV safety regulations, one of the world’s leading independent technical associations.