A commercial and marketing partnership has been signed between the two brands of automotive excellence

On the occasion of Autopromotec, MILITEM and Bardahl announce that they have signed a commercial and marketing partnership agreement. MILITEM is American Tech-Italian Made: an automotive brand that develops its own design on American Brands products such as Jeep and RAM, also carrying out engineering interventions on the mechanical parts to enhance performance and maximum driving safety and experience. MILITEM interventions can also include high performance engine processing.

With MILITEM the customer is really the protagonist in the choice of his model, since MILITEM offers a complete range with different configurations and multiple possibilities of colors and finishes using fine materials, with the taste and craftsmanship typical of Italian manufacturing excellence. The famous Italian coachbuilders have been “the masters of style” since the 1950s. They have been able to impose themselves with their creativity, attention to the new with cutting-edge choices and a lot of skill in quickly translating their ideas into metal, inventing the most appropriate technologies and choosing innovative materials. MILITEM wants to be a dutiful 360° tribute to the entrepreneurial courage, the imagination of our design and the skill of every “bodywork and upholstery” craftsman: men who have been able to express human, aesthetic and technological values, capable of making understand Italian culture, genius and industriousness in Italy and in the world.

The first show room with MILITEM corporate identity is located in Monza, the city of engines. The Italian commercial network is being defined. Bardahl, a US company based in Seattle, has been producing and distributing superior quality lubricants and additives all over the world in various lines: automotive, industry, motor racing, nautical and aerospace. Bardahl is a corporation that distributes its products in 90 countries around the world and it is present with industrial blending and packaging plants in 8 of these.

The basic formulation of the entire Bardahl range is totally exclusive, thus differentiating itself from competing products for superior quality and absolute reliability. In the Bardahl Research Center in Seattle, real tests are carried out on vehicles and machinery, accompanied by extremely rigorous research to obtain cutting-edge products. In Italy, the Maroil company, based in Altopascio (Lucca), has been the exclusive dealer of the Bardahl brand since 1973 and has a modern, fully automated blending plant for the production and packaging of Bardahl products. With its vast commercial network, Maroil is present throughout the country where it distributes the complete range of lubricants, additives and treatments. The intensification of the collaboration between Bardahl Italy and Bardahl USA led to the birth of the mPlus project. An acronym that will identify product lines (cars and motorcycles) dedicated to the premium market segment, that is, beyond the best standards. The mPlus signature will accompany Bardahl’s top-of-the-range high-tech products and will be produced by Maroil for the entire European market.

Unity of purpose, the same vision and elements in common, starting with the link with the United States, led MILITEM and Bardahl to sign an agreement that further underlines their positioning in their respective markets with high-end products. Mutually, today the two brands can count on an exceptional partner who shares the same goal, namely to offer products of the highest quality, combining the best of American technology with Italian expertise in the automotive field. For this reason, MILITEM recommends Bardahl lubricants for its models. A label reminding this recommendation is placed inside the engine compartment. The same graphics will be reproduced in the catalogs and on the website.