The new MAGNUM GT gets a preview. This super sporty version is powered by a 5.7L V8 HEMI engine employing eTorque Mild Hybrid technology.

Sharing the stand is the top of range FERŌX500, featuring a punchy 6.4L V8 unit and the FERŌX-T, the versatile pick-up transformed into a Sport Utility Truck


Monza, 30 November 2022 – MILITEM will appear for the first time in the prestigious Essen Motor Show, the number one sports car show in Germany, which takes place from 2 to 11 December.
The decision to take part in the Essen Motor Show, Hall 3 – Stand 3A13, is part of the brand’s expansion plans for Germany, where MILITEM already has two dealers, in Düsseldorf (Autohaus Ulmen) and Berlin (Autohaus Kramm). From January 2023, two more will be added, one in Frankfurt and the other in Munich, thanks to a collaboration with two well known German partners.

At Essen, MILITEM will be showing off the best of its range, with the preview of the MAGNUM GT, the sportiest version of its MAGNUM pick-up equipped with GT pack, powered by a 5.7L V8 HEMI engine featuring eTorque Mild Hybrid technology. On the outside, it stands out for its total black look with carbon-fiber components, full-optional equipment and several new features, starting from the 22″ Black wheels and the MAGNUM Bar (roll-bar).
MILITEM FERŌX500 boasts a new interior, one fitted with a new FULL HD digital screen set horizontally into the dashboard. The system controls the infotainment and instrumentation and has been personalized specifically for MILITEM.
The MILITEM FERŌX-T on show at Essen comes in a full optional configuration with a carbon-fiber exterior bodykit. Also on the stand will be two leading Italian partners: ORAM, with which MILITEM develops the set-up and suspensions of its models and Alcantara®, the exclusive Made in Italy material used by MILITEM to enhance and provide a sportier look for its cabins. At the Essen Motor Show, visitors will discover the special totem made in Alcantara, featuring the range of custom finishes, 10 colors, available for the choice of MILITEM customers.

MILITEM is an Italian automotive brand that was established in 2017 with a showroom in Monza. The brand creates luxury vehicles in limited production runs. MILITEM models are exclusive and a born from an Italian engineering and stylistic take on American cars. MILITEM’s mission is: “American Tech-Italian Made”. MILITEM redefines iconic US models with a handcrafted finish oozing class and comfort. Each and every MILITEM is hand-finished for a comfortable, high-quality interior. It is precisely this unusual blend of refined cabin and muscular bodywork designed by MILITEM that renders the brand unique.

Let’s take a look at the features of the models on display at the Essen Motor Show.
MILITEM MAGNUM is a reworking of the RAM 1500 Laramie, radically changing its market positioning taking it up to a luxury niche. Infact, the MILITEM MAGNUM combines the dimensions of a versatile 4×4 pick-up with the styling cues of a limousine. Completing the package are technical improvements to the suspension, brakes, exhausts and wheels. The cabin is extremely roomy and has fine attention to detail with extensive use of Alcantara which, thanks to its lightness, reduces the overall weight of the car, enhancing its performance.
The length and ground clearance make the MILITEM MAGNUM unique of its kind. The model is no ordinary pick-up: it is a true one-off.
MILITEM MAGNUM stands out for its unrivalled all-terrain capacity, unmistakable presence, practicality, robustness and top performance. Despite its distinct off-road ability, the MILITEM MAGNUM can also be used in other areas without fuss. It is an urban model as MILITEM is a status-symbol; it can also be driven when enjoying your favorite outdoor pursuits.

MILITEM MAGNUM features a dual panoramic roof, LED headlights and retractable footrests. Each bodywork detail has been built to MILITEM specifications and can be requested in VTR (as standard) or carbon-fiber (optional). The newly-designed grille defines the family feeling of the MILITEM product range, a look reinforced by the MILITEM Extra Tire Coverage body-colored bumpers ad fenders, and new MILITEM Black Edition 22” alloy rims fitted with wide All-Terrain 325/50 R22 tires that have, so far, only appeared on the FERŌX500.

MILITEM MAGNUM is not just about looks, however. There is also much in terms of performance and safety. Infact, this model has an adjustable set-up developed ad hoc by MILITEM technicians.
The electronically adjustable suspension with MILITEM Lift-Kit Extreme Performance mean journeys are taken with the same set-up whatever the load, adapting to the driver’s style and the speed. MILITEM MAGNUM has five levels of adjustments to overcome whatever off-road obstacle it comes across and, at the same time, fit into a garage with a low roof. MILITEM has also developed and engineered an integrated system that allows the flatbed cover to be opened and closed automatically using the car’s remote control. Another distinctive element is the possibility to have, as an option, the flatbed lined in hi-tech nautical material that can be color personalized. This is a direct link with the sailing and yachting world, given that the MAGNUM’s towing capacity touches 3.500 kg and that it has a towbar fitted as standard. MILITEM MAGNUM can be the perfect tender and easily pull powerful boats.
MILITEM MAGNUM is driven by an iconic, powerful 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine. The unit boasts a maximum power output of 401 CV at 5.600 rpm and torque of 733 Nm at 3.950 rpm, including that provided by the eTorque system. The engine uses a Multi-Displacement System (MDS) that allows only 4 of the 8 cylinders to be used, reducing consumption and cutting CO2 levels. MILITEM MAGNUM is equipped with a 48V mild-hybrid eTorque engine, with a specific alternator that recharges the lithium-ion batteries when on the move and when braking. The technology delivers more power and, at the same time, brings down consumption and emissions by 10%. The hybrid system kicks in mainly at low revs, when accelerating, to ensure supplementary torque of 176 Nm.
MILITEM MAGNUM is fitted with an 8-speed automatic gearbox with 4WD that can be selected electronically. Off-road, the MILITEM MAGNUM shows its 4×4 ability with an approach angle of 23.1°, departure angle 27.1°, breakover angle 28° and minimum clearance of 260 mm.

MILITEM MAGNUM comes in a petrol, or Bifuel and GPL version with a Prins system; a leading player in the sector. It is possible to use E85 bioethanol, which is greener than standard fuel and used extensively across Europe.

MILITEM FERŌX500 is the top of the range super sports vehicle presented in Düsseldorf the last May. It is fitted with a 6.417 cc (392 cubic inches V8 HEMI® engine with 470 CV at the wheel and 637 Nm of torque at 4.300 rpm. The model comes from the Wrangler Rubicon 392 sold exclusively in North America.

FERŌX500 gives life to the new Extreme Utility Vehicle (EUV) category; extremely powerful units suited to any conditions. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds and is the maximum expression of MILITEM’s sporty performance. The torque developed by the 6.4 liter V8 is 637 Nm at 4.300 rpm, truly incredible for a car of this type and 75% of it is delivered at low revs. Traction is 4WD. Transmission is an 8-speed automatic TorqueFlite system with steering wheel paddles. For engine management, Fuel Saver technology deactivates half the cylinders when maximum power output is not required, reducing consumption and bringing down emissions. The air scoop set on the hood works to cool the engine, one whose roar is enhanced by the new MILITEM Black performance Dual Mode exhausts with 4 Matt Black tailpipes. The engine notes can be modified via a button on the console to suit road conditions and the surrounding environment.

MILITEM FERŌX500 presents a completely fresh look, one that distinguishes it from the rest of the FERŌX line-up. Outside, the distinctive “wide body” exterior is maintained, with the addition of an identity badge on the sides. The spare wheel on the tailgate has disappeared, giving the car a sleeker profile and improving visibility out the rear. Up front, the matt finished carbon-fiber grille is now Dual Color red and black; a color palette that continues in the cabin.
The braking set-up has been entirely redefined by MILITEM, working in collaboration with one of the major players on the global stage: it is the icing on the cake for the FERŌX500. The system boosts safety levels, reduces braking times and distances while also improving efficiency under heavy use.
Up front are 370×34 mm slotted, semi-floating discs with radial expansion and contraction featuring 72 ventilation channels and a surface coating. Teamed with the discs are turned aluminum radial calipers machined from billets with internal fluid crossovers and 6 pistons crafted from stainless steel. Completing the set-up are high-performance brake pads and aircraft grade cables in low-expansion braided steel.
In the rear, the brakes adopt 4-piston calipers in combination with 370×32 mm discs, also featuring high-performance brake pads and tubing in low-expansion braided steel.

Black alloy rims measure 22”x9,5” and boast a new look; another MILITEM exclusive. The rims were created especially for the FERŌX500 with innovative Hybrid Forged technology and can be fitted with Urban or 325/50R22 All-Terrain tires. As an alternative, on offer are MIILITEM Black Edition 20”x10” rims teamed with 35×12,5/R20 All-Terrains.

MILITEM FERŌX500 adopts the brand’s adjustable suspension to tackle any terrain; this comes thanks to the 2-inch Lift-Kit. MILITEM Performance Shocks feature double-tank shock absorbers with separate gas tanks and double hydraulic effect, in aluminum and with a carbon coating. They are an engineering gem. The system also includes a Track Bar (torsion bar), that can be adjusted, and an efficient steering damper.

Inside, MILITEM has redesigned the seats into a clear racing profile with an incorporated headrest and an ergonomic seat section. The finish is in hand-stretched nappa leather and Alcantara with contrasting MILITEM colors and stitching. Clients can also opt a leather finish to the dashboard, instrument panel, steering wheel and gear shift knob, as well as the doors and trunk, settling on the right blend of carbon fiber and black. Another absolute first on the MILITEM FERŌX500 carbon-fiber pack is the high gloss finish to the handle inserts, steering wheel and console.

The new MILITEM steering wheel presents racing features, with its flattened crown. The ‘target’ set at the top helps to line up the wheels when the accelerator pedal is down. Clients can customize their car with supple leather, Alcantara or carbon-fiber. The interior detailing in black adds another luxurious touch and a sporty edge. The center console houses the multicolor mood light button; more exclusive tech for the FERŌX range, together with the LED fume lights and the retractable steps, as standard.

MILITEM FERŌX-T has evolved the current concept of the SUV, giving life to an SUT: the Sport Utility Truck. The luxury vehicle has all the advantages of an SUV and pick-up, smoothing out any rough edges and highlighting the plus points of each. FERŌX-T is a luxury pick-up that offers the excellent content that distinguishes the FERŌX range, with personality and dimensions that differ from the MILITEM MAGNUM. It is aimed at clients looking for the design and content of a FERŌX with much more space and a more versatile load area, one that can carry all the gear you need with no fuss.

MILITEM FERŌX-T is based on the Rubicon Gladiator. It stands out for its performance and technical content, presenting itself as the supercar of pick-ups! New on the European markets but not for MILITEM, which fitted it to the FERŌX, is the 3.6L V6 engine, producing 285 CV at the wheel and 353 Nm of torque. This has been given thanks to the “fine tuning” of MILITEM technicians.
MILITEM FERŌX-T offers 4WD and an 8-speed automatic transmission. On this model it is commanded by paddle shifters set by the steering wheel: this feature is a first and more premium content on this state-of-the-art vehicle. The double Black Performance exhaust is also developed in-house and has a Dual-Mode function able to further emphasize the twin personality of this SUT, modulating the sound via a button set into the center console.

On the FERŌX-T, MILITEM introduces the FERŌX Bar, a rollbar that reworks the design of the original car and allows retractable LED lights to be added. MILITEM FERŌX-T can also be fitted with an LED strip on the front bumper.
Another distinctive element that MILITEM introduces for the first time, as an option on FERŌX-T, is a coating of the flatbed in hi-tech nautical material. The color can be customized. With its towing capacity of 3,500 kg and the fitting of a standard towbar, MILTEM FERŌX-T is perfect for boats and not only.

MILITEM FERŌX-T is a vehicle capable of overcoming the limits that most 4×4s cannot. Most of the merit goes to MILITEM’s new suspension system, one developed specifically for this model. It can be tweaked to take on any terrain courtesy of the ground clearance offered by the MILITEM 2” Lift-Kit. The suspension features double-tank shock absorbers with separate gas tanks and double hydraulic effect. They are in aluminum and coated in carbon-fiber and are an mechanical marvel. For dynamic handling and superb roadholding, MILITEM has exploited the latest technology to fit All-Terrain 35×12.50/R20 tires, an adjustable track bar (torsion bar) and efficient steering dampers.

With seats in hand-fitted Italian leather and the opportunity to select Alcantara inserts, climbing on board a MILITEM is an all-round experience! Each MILITEM client can opt for a personalized look with an extensive selection of leathers, fabrics (including Denim, for the first time) and technical fibers.
The FERŌX-T also offers an all-black finish that provides a luxurious yet sporty touch to the cabin. The center console is home to a button that activates the interior mood lighting.
All three MILITEM models displayed at Essen have an Alcantara cabin finish, the material capable of offering extreme customizations.

To sum up, each MILITEM is:
• Between 24 and 30 m² of natural leather and Alcantara, worked by hand by a team of experts
• 1.000 meters of thread
• 14 different leather color combinations and 10 Alcantara tints
• Over 200 hours of expert handcrafted work, for technical and aesthetic upgrades
• Over 1500 hours of prototype testing before it entered production

MILITEM builds its models in limited series. Base models are already packed with features but clients can further customize their car with a range of options and trim finishes thanks to a vast array of leathers, fabrics and technical fibers.
The price list for the MILITEM range in Germany start from the following amounts, net of local taxes:
FERŌX from 97.850 Euro; FERŌX-T from 112.950 Euro; MILITEM MAGNUM from 99.850 Euro.
All MILITEM models are covered by a European warranty for 36 months or 100.000 km.
MILITEM’s vehicles have European homologation and are subject to German TÜV safety regulations, one of the world’s leading independent technical associations.

MILITEM’s first corporate showroom was established in Monza but the brand’s commercial network includes four dealerships in Italy: in Bologna, Padova, Mantua and Rome. MILITEM also has two showrooms in Germany, in Düsseldorf and Berlin, with two more to be added in Frankfurt and Munich. MILITEM also has a point of sale in the Principality of Monaco. Advanced talks are underway with dealers in other European countries.

MILITEM recommends BARDAHL lubricants

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