When one thinks of a luxury vehicle, a series of images come to mind. But what makes a luxury car?

The features of a luxury car

  • A limited production run
  • A customized look
  • A handcrafted finish
  • A unique product
  • An exclusive interior
  • Superb materials
  • Absolute quality

In order to become the choice for clients who recognize motoring excellence, each MILITEM model should have a distinct identity that has an immediate impact and communicates its style.


Artigianalità tailor made
Qualità lavoro artigianale su pelle

What makes a car a luxury symbol?

How does a luxury SUV become a timeless and irresistible icon? This occurs when the vehicle is viewed as unique in its quality and style. It is a status symbol. This is when its exclusivity becomes a means to communicate its personality and charm.

This is not just about an economic value but also a symbolic one. It is when a vehicle stands out from the crowd and from other luxury objects. Clients looking for this style and who recognize these values will feel part of a group that acknowledges excellence, refinement and appreciates being unique.

Qualità lavoro artigianale su pelle

How are luxury cars created?

MILITEM models are much more than a SUV and a luxury car.

Our models are designed to speak for our clients, their personality, taste and need for freedom. We create models with an absolute value for those who demand nothing but the best.

Striving for excellence means that attention to detail is fundamental. The exterior design, the fully handcrafted interior and the high-quality materials chosen make our exclusivity clear from the off.

To reach such ambitious targets, MILITEM draws its inspiration from – and depends on – Italian craftsmanship, renowned across the world for its quality and excellence. On the luxury car scene, Italy has no rivals that can match Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or Pagani. Just mentioning the names of a few luxury brands is enough to realize the importance of Italian manufacturing in the luxury car field.

A car that is perfect in terms of style and design is a universal desire. Anyone would be speechless at an imposing, regal Rolls Royce; who can resist the fascination and drive of a Porsche or not bow before the power and excellence of Bugatti?

Volante in pelle

Luxury cars according to MILITEM

When referring to luxury cars, MILITEM has clear ideas: it is the ordinary for extraordinary people. It is a level of quality that accompanies clients throughout ownership and not just when taking delivery. Luxury cars are no exception.

For MILITEM, luxury cars are dreams coming true. It is satisfying the thrill of owning a customized model, featuring unique styling: a car able to speak for itself and become an extension of the owner’s personality. These are one-off creations sparking unique sensations when driven. The adrenalin rush and excitement never fade.

MILITEM strives to build not only luxury cars but masterpieces created to astound, thanks to a blend of Italian know-how and American DNA. These performance cars are enhanced with their ‘Made in Italy’ class to mold powerful, high-end luxury models. These are luxury SUVs that take viewers’ breath away and provide drivers with a lasting sense of wonder.

So, our aim is clear: to redefine the concept of the luxury car and become a leading light through taking care of every single component, down to the tiniest detail. This is how unique automobiles are created. This is MILITEM.

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Unique luxury cars built around your desires.

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