For the first time, MILITEM Factory reinvented the current concept of SUV, giving life to a SUT, Sport Utility Truck. FERŌX-T is a jewel for an enthusiastic customer.

A new and unmistakable design that does not give up unique robustness and performance, it is a tactical vehicle capable of overcoming the limits that for most of the 4×4 are unsurpassed. A car that brings together all the merits of the SUV and the pick-up, to give life to a unique vehicle of its kind, suitable for daily adventures.

MILITEM FERŌX-T is made on a Rubicon Gladiator base, and stands out for its unmatched  all-terrain capability, its high functionality, maximum safety and its indisputable versatility. The engine is a 3.6L V6  Pentastar, 285 hp and torque 353 Nm. It mounts MILITEM 20″ x 10″ Black Edition alloy wheels and MILITEM All-Terrain  35 x 12.50 / R20 tires. The suspension is adjustable with double tank, made of aluminum and coated with carbon. With FERŌX-T, the standard FERŌX Bar is introduced for the first time. The double Black Performance exhaust is also developed by the Factory and has the Dual-Mode function able to further emphasize the dual soul of this SUT, modulating the sound through the appropriate button in the center console.

MILITEM FERŌX-T features 4WD traction and 8-speed automatic transmission which, on this model, is controlled by the comfortable paddle shifts on the steering wheel.

A distinctive element that MILITEM introduces for the first time, as an option on FERŌX-T, is the coating of the body in hi-tech nautical material customizable in colors. A direct reference to the boating and yachts, with its towing capacity of 3,500 kg and the standard hook, MILTEM FERŌX-T lends itself perfectly to the role of tender and towing of powerful boats.

Comfort and luxury denote the entire interior, with attention to detail. An unconventional mix, between gritty “muscle car” exteriors and fine, elegant and sophisticated interiors. The seats are in genuine Italian leather stretched by hand. Every customer has the possibility to choose Alcantara inserts®: getting on board this car is an all-round sensory experience.

Each MILITEM customer can customize the equipment of the vehicle, with a wide choice of types of leathers, fabrics (including the New Denim) and technical fibers.

The details of the absolute black upholstery add an additional luxurious and at the same time sporty touch to the entire interior. The center console houses the button that activates the multicolor interior lights: another exclusive content of the FERŌX 2021 range.

Also available with the specific equipment of the MILITEM FERŌX ADVENTURE package:

  • Scratch-resistant fender finish
  • Scratch-resistant front bumper details
  • Black Edition rim details with scratch-resistant finish
  • Scratch-resistant rear bumper details
  • Luggage rack with scratch-resistant finish
  • Additional LED roof lights
  • Snorkel

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